As I’m sitting here listening to “The Mamas & The Papas” themed Pandora station, all this music from the 60’s and 70’s got me thinking….what is it about the past that makes us miss it?  I mean, in a general sense, don’t we often wish things were “the way they used to be?”  On the surface, it’s very easy to miss our past.  It’s easy to think “man, life used to be so much simpler.”  People love to tell stories of great memories from the past, and often reference those times as “The Good ‘ol Days.”  Could it possibly be that because we tend to cherish memories from the past, we often forget the not-so-cherished moments that we’d like to forget?

I would suppose that there can be an argument that the past was “better” in many aspects than the here and now.  Music seemed to be better.  Families were closer.  Movies and TV were more wholesome.  Violence and crime were down, and God was in the forefront of more people’s minds than He is today.  In essence, life was simpler.  Values meant more to people.  Less was more.  Less technology to steal our time.  Less of a hectic world to distract us from the real qualities of life. As we continue to evolve as a society, I know that I personally feel like I’m running 100 mph in every different direction with less and less time to stop and reflect on the blessings of life – both good and bad.  In a world that has become as easily accessible as the snap of a finger, I often wonder if I’ve made myself too dependent on the ability to have what I want when I want it.

I do know that we are never going to separate ourselves from our past, good or bad, but we can learn from it.  After an embarrassing mistake at work a few years ago, I had a great boss tell me “The only mistakes we make are the ones we make twice.”  What a statement!  How often do we miss the opportunity to learn from our own experiences as well as the experiences of others?  As Jesus was the only one to ever live a perfect life, it would be foolish of me to think I can cruise through this world believing I have the perfect formula for a shameless life.  I know now that if I’m willing to humble myself to my own shortcomings, I have the opportunity to make the past a tool for a better me moving forward.

So I guess my conclusion is…..I have no conclusion.  Were things really better the way they used to be, or have we unintentionally crafted our minds believe so?  It is human nature for us to not want life to end, and as we get older, we start to reminisce of all the wonderful experiences we’ve had.  We quite possibly allow ourselves to block out the bad, cherish the good, and think of those wonderful moments as better than today.  The irony of it all is that everyday we continue to create the past with each passing day, just as we had back when things were “the way they used to be.”

The reality of a topic so silly in many aspects is the underlying thought that keeps entering my mind.  We can choose to understand that each day we live will be a thing of the past.  While we cannot change what’s in the past, we can make a conscious effort to create a better past by making better decisions today.  🙂


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Well, here I am.  With my mind far too often racing with ideas, thoughts, prayers, confusion, and questions, I was pondering an outlet.  A voice. An opportunity.  I believe that one of the things I enjoy most is hearing people’s stories and learning about their lives.  I will often find myself looking at people, wondering what is going through their mind.  What’s their story?  What happened today that almost nobody knows about but would love to hear?  This blog will be my voice.  My opportunity to express my thoughts, my opinions, my desires, my adventures, and even my fears.

I’ve never been much of a journal person.  I’ve always heard that journaling your thoughts is a healthy outlet.  Even if nobody reads it, just putting it on paper will supposedly relieve your mind of the burden of bottled-up thoughts.   As I thought about the idea of starting up this blog, a realization hit me….what if putting my thoughts on “paper” for the world to see could help someone?  Even if it’s just one person…isn’t that worth it all?  It may be a laugh, a cry, or a realization that they may not be the only one that has pondered that thought, had that opinion, experience, or fear.  In a world where we get very caught up in ourselves, many could argue that a blog about someone’s day-to-day life is very self-centered.  And on the surface, I can fully understand that.  But my desire and prayer is that this page will be about others through my experiences and thoughts.  I want to be an open book, writing of both good and bad experiences.  I think it’s foolish to think that life is always perfect and we never encounter trials…so why fake it?  

There is definitely the possibility that I will be the only one ever visiting this site…and if so, we can go ahead and call this my virtual journal of thoughts.  But there’s a chance people could enjoy what I have to say, and for that I’m hopeful.  Some posts will be deeper than others, some will be easy to write and others tougher to write, but all will be genuine.

Please feel free to chime in with comments along the way, and do not be afraid of offending me.  I love a good laugh, a good debate, and more importantly love knowing that I am making an impact no matter how big or small.  🙂


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