28 Dec

Well, here I am.  With my mind far too often racing with ideas, thoughts, prayers, confusion, and questions, I was pondering an outlet.  A voice. An opportunity.  I believe that one of the things I enjoy most is hearing people’s stories and learning about their lives.  I will often find myself looking at people, wondering what is going through their mind.  What’s their story?  What happened today that almost nobody knows about but would love to hear?  This blog will be my voice.  My opportunity to express my thoughts, my opinions, my desires, my adventures, and even my fears.

I’ve never been much of a journal person.  I’ve always heard that journaling your thoughts is a healthy outlet.  Even if nobody reads it, just putting it on paper will supposedly relieve your mind of the burden of bottled-up thoughts.   As I thought about the idea of starting up this blog, a realization hit me….what if putting my thoughts on “paper” for the world to see could help someone?  Even if it’s just one person…isn’t that worth it all?  It may be a laugh, a cry, or a realization that they may not be the only one that has pondered that thought, had that opinion, experience, or fear.  In a world where we get very caught up in ourselves, many could argue that a blog about someone’s day-to-day life is very self-centered.  And on the surface, I can fully understand that.  But my desire and prayer is that this page will be about others through my experiences and thoughts.  I want to be an open book, writing of both good and bad experiences.  I think it’s foolish to think that life is always perfect and we never encounter trials…so why fake it?  

There is definitely the possibility that I will be the only one ever visiting this site…and if so, we can go ahead and call this my virtual journal of thoughts.  But there’s a chance people could enjoy what I have to say, and for that I’m hopeful.  Some posts will be deeper than others, some will be easy to write and others tougher to write, but all will be genuine.

Please feel free to chime in with comments along the way, and do not be afraid of offending me.  I love a good laugh, a good debate, and more importantly love knowing that I am making an impact no matter how big or small.  🙂


Posted by on December 28, 2011 in Randomness



  1. Erin Potter

    December 29, 2011 at 1:00 am

    This is awesome Sean!!! Looking forward to reading it!!


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